Give a helping hand for a green world

Tree Ambassadors
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Growing trees is the only option to preserve our environment, this known fact should be preached and an awareness should be spread to everyone. We need you to take this propaganda to everyone by taking seminars and classes in schools, colleges, offices and in your neighborhood. We need ambassadors like you to complete this herculean task of educating people, come join us.

Tree planters
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Everyone is talking about planting trees to preserve the environment and for this to happen we need you. No money can buy the time invested by you. Planting and maintenance needs more of man power and muscle power. We need active participants who can get into the field and work towards the goals by digging the soil and wetting their hands with dirt. Without you it is not possible, come do join us.

Young Stars
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Man is the phenomenon of knowing and being. We believe, if we can make understand the younger generation that planting and growing more trees is the only option for a better environment, then there is no need in the future to work hard on this. Come join us and play in the mud to build a stronger environment.

Crew Leaders
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We believe that we have taken up a great responsibility. To complete this project in a responsible way we need listeners who can take up the responsibility on their own and start working on groups and handle the crew independently knowing their targets. We are calling in listeners because only listeners can be leaders, come join us for the project and we will fix the lead position for you soon.

Invisible heroes.
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And if you can’t make it for the events, you can help us with your creative skills. We are always looking for people who can assist us in promotions, content development, Public Relations, Creative initiatives, and in making posters, videos and Media Support. We are also open to new ideas!

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